Champagne cooler faces / glossy white


You can use it for cool drinks or flowers, or simply display it by itself as your new favourite ornament.
H 24.5 cm
D 23.6 cm

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The champagne cooler FACES shows three feminine faces that seamlessly merge into each other as artistic reliefs. Made purely by hand, the sculptural object presents cool drinks, but can also be used as a flower vase. Femininity in the medium of artfully crafted porcelain – the champagne cooler Faces displays three feminine faces in strikingly rendered reliefs that blend seamlessly into one another. The sculptural porcelain object is available with five finishes: satin or gloss white, matt black, gold or platinum. Michael Sieger dedicated the pieces to his wife, who has supported him as his muse for many years.

Material: Fine porcelain. Handmade in Germany.