Champagne goblet / dr. barbara sturm


Sip of Gold / Due to the four different cup sizes of Sip of Gold and Sparkling 4 friends collection, water, soft drinks and juices or even cocktails, champagne, vodka and digestives can be enjoyed.
H 7.4 cm, 0.3 l
D 8.9 cm

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Sip of Gold – Gleam of pure gold and platinum. Sieger teamed up with aesthetics doctor Dr. Barbara Sturm to support and raise awareness of nature conservation with the special-edition tumbler Precious Companions from SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG. With every purchase, 10% of the sales will be donated to the wildlife rescue organization National Park Rescue.

The Sip of Gold champagne goblets by SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG is a combination of wafer-thin porcelain and the finest precious metal. Especially when the tumblers are filled with a drink, hundreds of reflections create the impression of liquid gold that gives the collection its name. The goblets are just as appealing to drink from as they are to look at: delicate and wafer-thin, with a wall thickness of around two millimeters, they sit lightly and elegantly in the hand.

Material: Fine porcelain, 24K gold. Handmade in Germany.
The porcelain goblets are packed in an exclusive gift box. Thus they are ideal as a gift.

Learn more: https://www.sieger-germany.com/en/porcelain/edition-dr-sturm/