Egg cup / diamond embossed


H 14.5 cm
D 9.4 cm

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Where did it all begin? It’s the age-old question of the chicken and the egg. The egg symbolises the origin of things. It stands for faith in the future and the perfect form. The egg cups Matroschka and Matroschischka from SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG pay loving homage to the egg, with the lid and base enclosing it entirely, keeping it warm and, once it’s been consumed, covering up the leftover shell. But they can also be used to hold dips, olives and even caviar. Available in two different sizes and assorted decors, these tableware accessories can be used and combined in many different ways.MATROSCHKA and MATROSCHISCHKA which are carefully handmade give the egg the look of a precious little jewel. The perfectly formed design and precision involved are considered to be a particularly challenging piece of workmanship.

Material: Fine porcelain. Handmade in Germany.