“lazy silk” pillowcases: giallo cuoio / 51 x 71 cm


The transformation of old-fashioned silk into ‘lazy silk’, a material with is practical and magnificent at the same time, with its soft, embracing touch and matt reflection.
Set of 2.
Presented in a gift box.

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We spend one third of our lives sleeping and during this time we can continue taking care of our beauty.
Silk, precious and refined fabric with a very soft hand, has a low absorbent capacity. Therefore, it dehydrates the epidermis much less than cotton does and it keeps skin naturally hydrated during the night. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase lets your skin look better and stay softer. Silk preserves the youthfulness of your face.
Again, because of the low absorption rate of silk, any serums, treatments and moisturisers that have been applied to the skin before sleep will be kept in place throughout the night so that they can work to their full potential.
When using an absorbent material such as cotton, a lot of our skincare products can be transferred throughout the night and absorbed by the pillow.

Due to the naturally smooth texture of silk, our skin is able to glide over the fabric throughout the night. Typically, a cotton pillowcase can ‘drag’ the skin and imprint creases and lines into it. Silk prevents the formation of ‘sleep wrinkles’.

In addition to being good for your skin, silk is also amazing for hair for many reasons:
First, silk weavings are not rough, unlike cotton fabrics. Because they are soft and silky, they will make your hair “glide” across the pillowcase and prevent the excessive friction that causes hair breakage;
Second, silk does not conduct static electricity;
Third, soft tangle-free hair also means reducing hair loss in the long run.
Silk acts as a humidity sensor, creating a protective barrier that keeps your hair properly hydrated. It absorbs far less sebum produced by your hair. Hence it is better protected.