Icona scented candle


190 g
Richness and Singularity.
The enticingly vibrating top notes of Calabrian bergamot, black pepper and luscious Comorian ylang-ylang merge with a mystical bouquet of fizzy black currant, Indian jasmine, carnation and seductive orchid. The inimitably lavish base notes are irradiated by aromatic patchouli, enchanting sandalwood notes and spicy Tahiti vanilla.

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The 190 g Scented Candle LINARI-ICONA is made of natural coloured wax. It comes with a reflective gun-metalised French glass container, decorated with the matt metalised rhomb pattern of the ROMBI LINE – and with a precious matt black wooden lid that can be used decoratively as a coaster for this and any of the other LINARI scented candles or diffusers. The result is an extraordinary piece of design.

Estimated burning time up to 45 hours.